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EasySeam Machine

EasySeam Machine Artificial Grass Dallas Texas Synthetic Grass Tools Installation Dallas EasySeam Machine Synthetic Turf EasySeam Machine Synthetic Turf
EasySeam to bond the edges of grass together in seconds.

EasySeam is a handheld electric tool that melts adhesive using a pre-programmed heating cycle. EasySeam doesn't get hot and there is no grass damage from the heat. It never touches the adhesive, therefore never makes a mess. It provides a consistent low-profile seam.

Simple and easy to use, EasySeam is perfect for an artificial grass installation.

Clean, fast adhesion at the push of a button.

No grass damage or discoloration.

Powerfully bonds the edges of grass in seconds.

How to Use EasySeam Machine

Learn with Dave how easy it is to make a seam with EasySeam seaming machine. There is no glue, no mess, and one person only can do a seam in a matter of seconds.


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